Wonders of the Western coast

Understanding and feeling nature makes me fall in love with life in every instant I find myself surrounded by nature… trees, forests, lakes, fresh […]

Atelier Borgen

I joined the other members of Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder in September 2009…

Dreams from Another Room

Dreams from another room
As participant in a collective exhibition for The Refused called “You don´t know what you´re missing out on” at Center for Contemporary Art of […]

The Lynch Room

The official presentation of “Watching David Lynch” has taken place at my studio room in Trondheim as a participative project at Trondheim Open 2011. Illustrations, photos, […]


“MADERAS” is a large ongoing project that started in the summer of 2006 during my first trip to Norway.

Maderas means wood in spanish, […]

Inhabitants of Nidarosdomen

(Citiziens of Nidarosdomen) is a big artistic project I’ve been working for years, inspired by the amazing and massive sculptoric decoration of Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

Apollo and Daphne

Apollo and Daphne is an artistic experiment inspired by one of my favorite myths from the Ancient Greece.

Korsvikaspillet 2012

Official photo documentation for "Håkon+Kark", "Korsvikaspillet" (Korsvika play) in 2012. A live play-musical about one of the northern sagas, from Trøndelag region in Norway.