Trasformatorio part 2

This is the second part of the resume from the 4th edition of  Trasformatorio AiR in Giampilieri Superiore, Sicily.

Trasformatorio AiR

A resumed visual presentation during Trasformatorio Artist in Residence for “Site Specific Art” in Scaletta Zanclea, a small village located in Messina (Sicily, […]


Collaborations are magic, specially those born from improvisation with creative and beautiful people. This is the last photo shoot with Leticia DM (Barevny complementos) for Vallillas , in collaboration with Jesús Benítez (hairdresser and model) and Bjørn-Ante A. Røe (model and entertainment). Thank you all for a beautiful day! :)

Mano izquierda

With your left hand we free to be technical and distract us while we were inspired ideas between us and every time we meet again arise.

Trondheim Open

Participations with individual and collective projects for Trondheim Open art festival 2011 and 2012

Re-member Re-do

Re-member Re-do is a project about memories, about keeping people together, about identities, about time and presence.

Matters of the Mind

WE are back on the experimental track! This is the newest and most recent collaboration with Anastasia Malafey for TEDxTrondheim.