artist in residence

Trasformatorio part 2

This is the second part of the resume from the 4th edition of  Trasformatorio AiR in Giampilieri Superiore, Sicily.

A Mar Mirando

Let's say that the meaning can be related to something like "looking at the seaside" more literally speaking, or "looking bad to something" in a very local dialect.

Adopta un lugar – Exhibition

Traces divided in two spaces - or memories from the exhibition at Sala EL Pópulo, Cádiz May 2014

Adopta un lugar – Artist In Residence 2013

memories from the months of April-May-June at the atelier I got through the “Artist workshops” located at the amazing Castle of Santa Catalina, in the beach of La Caleta (Cádiz, Spain)

Adopta un lugar – Mar Mirando

Adopting a space, looking to the sea, seeing horizons where only waves are visible on the surface…