Tattoo designs

It is truly special when someone ask me to draw and design an image to be tattooed on skin. Here are some designs and photos of the resulted tattoos:

Atelier Borgen

I joined the other members of Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder in September 2009…

Left Hand collages

Memories from a summer workshop at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim.

Dreams from Another Room

Dreams from another room
As participant in a collective exhibition for The Refused called “You don´t know what you´re missing out on” at Center for Contemporary Art of […]

The Lynch Room

The official presentation of “Watching David Lynch” has taken place at my studio room in Trondheim as a participative project at Trondheim Open 2011. Illustrations, photos, […]

The book project

It got the shape of a book and left for Hollywood, where David Lynch and his manager from Asymmetrical Productions approved and authorized it to be released as a book in the spring of 2011.

Adopta un lugar – Exhibition

Traces divided in two spaces - or memories from the exhibition at Sala EL Pópulo, Cádiz May 2014

Mano izquierda

With your left hand we free to be technical and distract us while we were inspired ideas between us and every time we meet again arise.

Adopta un lugar – Artist In Residence 2013

memories from the months of April-May-June at the atelier I got through the “Artist workshops” located at the amazing Castle of Santa Catalina, in the beach of La Caleta (Cádiz, Spain)

Adopta un lugar – Mar Mirando

Adopting a space, looking to the sea, seeing horizons where only waves are visible on the surface…