Wonders of the Western coast

Understanding and feeling nature makes me fall in love with life in every instant I find myself surrounded by nature… trees, forests, lakes, fresh […]

Natures Skin

Plants, leaves, flowers, patterns, textures, colors, wrinkles, softness, spikes, forms, spirals, nerves, dots…

I love looking all around, finding details, looking at trees (giving […]


I love looking at the sky, during the day, during the night… Light is never the same and so is the palette of colors…

Urban Blue

Another collaboration with the talented model Fernando M. P. in our hometown Seville.


Memories from a trip together with the teachers and photography/graphic design students from the Art School of Nervión, Seville. 2011

Memories from the Alcazar, […]


Four rainy days… Colorful memories from a grey city, in the company of my dearest Salina.

Old fashion

Inspired by old fashioned photographs, we walked around the cathedral and the old town looking for special locations.


A journey and adventure in the beautiful levadas, coast, gardens and waterfalls of the portuguese island of Madeira.
A week trip back to 2006, […]

The Strech

The main focus is the right training, stretching muscles and the discipline of sport for body&mind conditions, extremely important for professional atletes.
Taken at […]

The First of the Telchines

Inspired by the classic greek myth of the Telchines, monster-creatures from the Sea.

I have […]