Urban Blue

Another collaboration with the talented model Fernando M. P. in our hometown Seville.


Memories from a trip together with the teachers and photography/graphic design students from the Art School of Nervión, Seville. 2011

Memories from the Alcazar, […]


Four rainy days… Colorful memories from a grey city, in the company of my dearest Salina.

Old fashion

Inspired by old fashioned photographs, we walked around the cathedral and the old town looking for special locations.


A journey and adventure in the beautiful levadas, coast, gardens and waterfalls of the portuguese island of Madeira.
A week trip back to 2006, […]

The Strech

The main focus is the right training, stretching muscles and the discipline of sport for body&mind conditions, extremely important for professional atletes.
Taken at […]

The First of the Telchines

Inspired by the classic greek myth of the Telchines, monster-creatures from the Sea.

I have […]


Iceland reminded me that we are inhabitants of a living planet, a natural force that is far beyond our control. Words cannot describe […]


“MADERAS” is a large ongoing project that started in the summer of 2006 during my first trip to Norway.

Maderas means wood in spanish, […]

Fra Nordland

This folder combines photographs from the series “Fra Nordland”, “Nørvegia”, “Fra Madeira”