Tras Form – Trasformatorio AiR

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A resumed visual presentation during Trasformatorio Artist in Residence for “Site Specific Art” in Scaletta Zanclea, a small village located in Messina (Sicily, […]

Photography for Barevny and Vallillas


Collaborations are magic, specially those born from improvisation with creative and beautiful people. This is the last photo shoot with Leticia DM (Barevny complementos) for Vallillas , in collaboration with Jesús Benítez (hairdresser and model) and Bjørn-Ante A. Røe (model and entertainment). Thank you all for a beautiful day! :)

INSAYU photo and design

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Photography, graphic design and layouts for INSAYU (Instituto Satya Ayurveda)

Climate Launchpad Norway


Event photography for CLimate Launchpad (Europe's largest cleantech idea competition) in Norway

Esana Yoga

Photographic session for ESANA YOGA, a new yoga center in the heart of Seville, Spain

Roots – architecture and networks

My fascination for trees started during my childhood and kept on going when I became a photo student and discovered the anatomy of […]

A mar mirando

Let's say that the meaning can be related to something like "looking at the seaside" more literally speaking, or "looking bad to something" in a very local dialect.

Red waters on Earth

Like visiting the Past from the Future, or exploring Mars…

Wonders of the Western coast

Understanding and feeling nature makes me fall in love with life in every instant I find myself surrounded by nature… trees, forests, lakes, fresh […]

Natures Skin

Plants, leaves, flowers, patterns, textures, colors, wrinkles, softness, spikes, forms, spirals, nerves, dots…

I love looking all around, finding details, looking at trees (giving […]