Drawings & Paintings

Stories of Return

Last year ended up with a very special art commission for IOM Norway (UN Migration Agency) and their project "Stories of Return".


Namtaru Creations was commissioned to illustrate and express ideas into art objects and other concepts for Tappetina and related to educational purposes.

Yoga & Art II

I found a new language in which I feel I am able to express without using words my love and passion for drawing, yoga and the arts of healing. Everything melts, in Union, in Yoga.

Through Time and Space

Exhibition at Modern Art Gallery – September 2014 A travel through Time... and Space

For Pilar

These drawings-sketches were printed as postal cards and delivered as a birthday gift in 2012, to a woman that wears her name as she was born for it, my mother, Pilar.

Oil paintings

In the very cold winter of 2008 in Norway I started to test my abilities to paint on canvas with dry oil painting…

Paintings evolution

The artwork is always evolving…

Sketches, Ideas

Creative meditation, intuitive drawing for an awake mind...


These are some my favorite pencil drawings, with non specific order.