DON´T PULL ME OUT is an all-day relational performance that explores the intersection of suction and transformation. 

The River of Life

The performance ’How to swim in the River of Life’ was shown in relation to the International Research Seminar on Salutogenesis, which took place in Trondheim (Norway) at Øya Helsehus in the beginning of August 2012.

TEDxTrondheim The Unseen

Behind everything we perceive, there is a hidden world completely unknown to us waiting to be discovered.

Love True

This has been my very first and surely not last "live painting" experience.


Translation of the article published in the paper magazine “El despertador” and “Yoga-art” on the online cultural webzine “Yamelosé!”. A very special collaboration […]

Inhabitants of Nidarosdomen

(Citiziens of Nidarosdomen) is a big artistic project I’ve been working for years, inspired by the amazing and massive sculptoric decoration of Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

Awards and participations

Participating in contests and collaborating with magazines and authors since 2007.


MUBIL digital 3D Lab experience, a virtual space for new generations of library users.

Art in the Library


"Art in the library: a visual storytelling" is included in the research as a sub-project of MUBIL project.

Re-member Re-do

Re-member Re-do is a project about memories, about keeping people together, about identities, about time and presence.