Project Description

Translation of the article published in the paper magazine “El despertador” and “Yoga-art” on the online cultural webzine “Yamelosé!”. A very special collaboration with Raquel García and Irati Aguado, beautiful souls, friends and truly professional photographers.

Union expansion, balance, discipline, enjoyment, spreading roots, lightness, without attachment … In constant movement I’ve been searching different aspects of Yoga, while discovering all benefits that the practice was bringing into my life.

Once I joined the path that leads towards balance , I started to bring yoga in different aspects of my daily routine, adopting it as a way of life, a constant union with All things. The connection of the perceptible and the imperceptible.
To achieve these ends without beginnings or endings is necessary to accept changes, movements, challenges, ongoing processes in which humans are immersed in loneliness and in partnership with the misadventures of an abstract time in silence and harmony.

When I discovered yoga several years ago, it was in a gym, so I considered it as a part of the training exercise… until I discovered meditation and found different guides whom showed me a way by which I’ve been doing my own path day after day, in the utopia of being free, fully aware. Books, courses, yoga centers, exchanges with others…
Between these gurus, I would like to mention the name of Ricardo Ferrer, with respect, appreciation and admiration. He is the director of the European Institute of Yoga and Centro de Luz Yoga in Huelva, Spain. And carying thoughts to Kinema Terapias Naturales in Seville, whose work and dedication are incredible! To all the beautiful people whom I have crossed paths with during my short stay in Seville, sharing challenging and strong experiences.


For me, Yoga is not about religion, politics, is not the word of Gautama Buddha or one of these “hippies”  things. Is not a workout routine performance.

In my constant self discovery towards the truth and with a special need to expressing everything I feel and see, I began to practice meditation for uplifting the Self, to simply be aware of Self. And through different methods the senses started to become more sensitive, allowing me to see, perceive and connect with the energy around, wherever I go, wherever I am.

yoga-art-5 _MG_1025

The experience of participating with photographers-friends practicing yoga has been very interesting and rewarding. What matters is not the position, not the flexibility or perfection thereof. The important thing is to feel each asana, enjoy it, be aware of the breath and surrender to the movement, especially when being the channel that moves energy through the practice. It has been a pleasure to share this with two professional photographers, beloved friends, two beautiful women of kind heart and dedicated passion for photography and nature.

I have invited them to discuss their experiences after our photo sessions, to bring their own points of view and perceptions of the visual language portrayed here.


The combination of yoga and meditation into my daily life bring strength, activates intuition while sharpening every sense and is forming part of my conscious development.
From my heart it is already clear that I accepted art as my way of life, leaving behind all chaotic and internal struggles from the past. Now I focus on the present, learning from every situation, every moment and every experience, along with meditation and yoga, balancing all processes that I encounter. Balance is always a challenge, but trying to do my best everyday… the Universe is always listening and answering…

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The practice and process help to silent the Ego and the so called Mitote by the Toltecs.  During the last asana, Svasana, the relaxation pose, is when I feel the lightness and the energy floating within the space contained in my body. Then, it is easy and really peaceful to realize that nothing else matters.


Irati Aguado:

The symbiosis of yoga and photography  symbolize a liberation from one’s essence, considering that the body meets the physical and mental side, intelligence and ego.
From an external point of view about the philosophy and yogic discipline, I see that the union requires of physical and mental effort, making the binding force.
This reflects the ability of concentration that allows us to achieve the desired results.
During our conversations and exchange of roles that Irene and I have been experiencing, as photographers first and then as models for each other, we understand that photography serves to provoke an encounter with the self.

In conclusion, we both share the path for fulfilling life, the union. It is composed of physical activity, knowledge of the environment and the person, experimentation, finding inner peace, happiness and harmony.

Raquel García:

As a photographer, lover of life, and practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, I can not do anything but express surprise and gratitude. Everyone who knows me knows of my skepticism and my preference to logical thinking. I do not believe in the energies, chakras, karma or fate. For me everything is random, chance, chaos … What I think is wonderful, and there is no other responsible for the events of my life, the intervowen resort of my own decisions. At least, that depends on me. That is more than many would accept for themselves. Accept this as a reality requires a great value, in my point of view at least.

However, practicing yoga since I was very surprised that today the pace of our minds and lives is sometimes highly overwhelming. Not only is it a constant challenge to the body, but also for the mind. The awareness of your body, know how to listen, work together to achieve a goal, the focus of the mind on the here and now … It’s just … another dimension, a haven of peace physically and mentally. The magical click to disconnect that we all need.

Personally, my feelings when I photograph and when I practice yoga, are similar. It is curious, isn´t it? Hence the surprise I was talking about before. It is the outer insulation where you’re alone, your mind, your body, your heart, your creativity, your dreams … You Are. It is a journey without end to an interior that lets you explore yourself recesses of whose existence even you suspected.