Project Description

On the 16th of April, 190 years ago, A.C.Møller Deaf School was born in Trondheim.

Looking at the past with a black and white filter, searching in the archive of a living memory, I was invited to participate actively in this day for celebration doing art and creative workshops with deaf students and lots of preparations for the open day and exhibition at the actual A.C.Møller Deaf School, located in Statped, in Trondheim.

The idea, in collaboration with Line Nordsveen from the Norwegian Deaf Museum, was to present the Deaf history through activities including workshops where the students produced art related to the subjects: “Language”, “History”, “Technology” and “Professions”.

The results were fantastic and together we created decoration and products that were exhibited during the opening day at the school. We received a lot of feedback, visits from the national tv channel NRK, form the news, from the local newspapers Adresseavisen and even old students that recognized themselves in the pictures from the archive displayed on the walls! 🙂

We also had a station for ARK4 project testing our interactive multiplayer game developed for the Deaf Museum.


The experience has been amazing. Three weeks of intense and dedicated work, with dedication and a flexible mind. Learning to listen and observe together with all the beautiful and creative students that attended and participated in the workshops and opening day have changed my view and perception completely. My fascination and interest about language, communication, creativity and sharing with people has now gained a lot of experience, achieving deeper perspectives for future projects to come in collaboration with others.


From here I would like to give thanks to A.C. Møller Deaf School., teachers, translators and helpers, for their invitation, devotion, gratitude and kindness.

Special thanks to Line Nordsveen (Norwegian Deaf Museum) for her collaboration, help and inspiration.
Being thankful for taking part of this history! 

Yours, Irene.