Project Description

Trondheim Open 2012

The second edition of this Art Festival had a duration of 4 days. Seminars, lectures and presentations as well as discussion panels about the roll of the artist as a city developer and art activism has been the main focus for this year T.O. During the open ateliers day, on Sunday, we opened the doors at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder in order to participate for second and last time. I displayed 4 different projects here:

“Re-member, Re-do”, collaboration project with Anastasia Malafey – we invited people to participate sending portraits via e-mail and facebook and we created a photo-installation with all pictures received during a period of 2 months. The idea of memories flying and disappearing has been very inspiring and made us think about future projects and collaborations together.



“The Rebirth” project has turned into a full wall collage, previously painted with different materials (pencil ink, acrylics, crayons…)



“The White room”, using newspapers, white pain and different recycled materials to create an absurd situation space.

“Innbyggerne av Nidarosdomen” project was displayed, showing the process, from the beginning and its research to the actual development.

Trondheim Open 2011

Trondheim Open started in 2011 and focuses on the professional art scene in Trondheim. During three days, institutions, various organizations and artists from the local art scene, offered a variety of exhibitions, screenings, productions, open studios, lectures, seminars and discussions. See more at Trondheim Open on Flickr.

“The experiment with Fancypants” at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder


“Det røde huset”, artistic intervention and installation with the local artist Brit Dyrnes at Ilsvika dahlen.



“The Lynch room”, my studio converted into a new scenario-installation where the project “Watching David Lynch” was displayed and exhibited.


I also want to dedicate this post to the amazing dancers behind Fancypants. They have proved to me their fidelity and they gave me unconditional trust after 2 and half hours working with body painting in a cold room getting crowed by curious visitors.

This has been definitely an unforgettable experience for us, in which I discovered new horizons for future projects with them.

FancyPants @ Trondheim Open 2011 from Namtaru Creations on Vimeo.

Performed at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, on October 9th 2011.