Project Description

This is the second part of the resume from the 4th edition of  Trasformatorio AiR in Giampilieri Superiore, Sicily.

See the first part here. Thanks again to Federico Bonelli from Dyne org , Giuseppe & RE- from Siddharte, Iterations European Project and Giampilieri 2.0 for making this possible and to the municipal school and school director for all they gave us!

In this part, I present a short collection of portraits from inhabitants of Giampilieri (with the exception of image nr.5: our beloved chef Monica and Manuela RE-, her daughter and Trasformatorio artist). Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Faces are the shape of history and culture and all these direct eye contacts with all the portrayed persons are a conversation between us.

During 10 days of residency, the interaction with local inhabitants became really friendly and kind. Smiles were always shown when encountering them in the streets. Thanks for being present, becoming part of the history of Giampilieri Superiore and creating memories together. This gallery entry is dedicated to all neighbors in this beautiful place.