Project Description

This portfolio gallery contains a short resume of the 4th edition of  Trasformatorio AiR in Giampilieri Superiore, Sicily. Thanks to Federico Bonelli from Dyne org , Giuseppe & RE- from Siddharte, Iterations European Project and Giampilieri 2.0 for making this possible and to the municipal school and school director for all they gave us!

Transforming the space: The history of this village keeps tragedy and nature catastrophes together with a slow culture movement. There is a magic in the elements that past, decay, ruins and present life hold together. The wild and mediterranean nature and landscape make of this village a very special place that is now forever in my life constellation. Being able to participate in this iteration project is part of my personal labour as artist and activist to contribute in changing spaces with a positive impact and creative solutions. We make culture sustainable together!

From Work In Progress to Presentation Day: A magic experience from this second participation in this site specific Arts residency, supported by the Municipality of Messina, the association Giampilieri 2.0 and all the beautiful local inhabitants that opened their hearts to a whole group composed by 35 artists from all over the world during a couple of weeks. We all became a big family and created big memories together. Feeling, observing, testing, creating, sharing, singing, dancing, performing, painting, writing, playing, coding, interacting… This, together with workshop activities, small trips, short talks, long walks, wonderful food (Monica, we love you!), and intense rhythm!

As a multitasking participant, apart form photo documenting, I also painted murals in houses and school together with Ilia Kuzubov and Alexander Menukhov from Taibola Assemble. Everything was presented during a guided tour on April 30th with hundreds of visitors and a fantastic response.

Thanks to everyone for being present this year. Next portfolio entry: Portraits of Giampilieri