Project Description

“Often times we get so caught up in the world we see around us that we tend to ignore the things we don’t see. Behind everything we perceive, there is a hidden world completely unknown to us waiting to be discovered. Join TEDxTrondheim for our 3rd annual conference event as we explore The Unseen.” On the 24th of October was “The Unseen” finally visible and revealed at Byscenen in Trondheim. Find out more information about the event and speakers here.

It has been months of preparation, challenges and ideas worth spreading for the creative team at DIGS together with Anastasia Malafey and other members of the creative crew from TEDxTrondheim (Special thanks to Elke for preparing all the blindfolds so nicely and precisely!)

For this special last main event of the year we had many ideas that we tried to shape and adapt to the concept, speaker´s talks and the venue…It is always a challenge to work with such a compact time/space but we did our best and used our best energy on bringing the magic to the audience and the event itself. We received a really good feedback from the audience and we want to thank everyone that made this possible (TEDxTrondheim organization, volunteers, speakers, friends and DIGS).


The event started with a guided breathing exercise written by me and read by Jan Kristian Hagen.
We invited all guests to put on red blind folders that our dear Elke had cut, and Laura Brodbek and I were guiding and breathing form the main stage.




Before the closure performance, Anastasia introduced the project “Sands of Time”, inviting creative people and curious minds to join us and share ideas and projects together. Every participant received a little plastic bag with sand-time collected in different parts of the world, displaying instructions about how to use it wisely and with care.


And after this, Anastasia presented our performance “Rebirth, a dream in the Unseen”. For me has this been the realization of a dream, being capable of become part of the magic and perform an act of rebirth using a blindfold. This was possible thanks to Lars Gjølme (NTNUI DansFancy Pants), which is now the reason behind my new interest in dance. This is the beginning of a new discovery, art in movement…


Title: “Rebirth, a dream in the unseen”
Original screen – idea: Irene Domínguez Márquez
Dance choreography: Lars Gjølme
Cast: Lars Gjølme, Irene Domínguez Márquez
Costume design, make up and styling: Irene Domínguez Márquez
Music theme: Shamanistic by Kevin McLeod
Visual effects: Andreas Fjell

More photos from the even can be seen at TEDxTrondheim Flickr.