Project Description

Watching David Lynch

2005-2008 as a merely school project for my graduation as an illustrator/graphic artist. It got the shape of a book and left for Hollywood, where David Lynch and his manager from Asymmetrical Productions approved and authorized it to be released as a book in the spring of 2011. I have been considering to publish this book since then, someday I hope this dream come true… Here are some images from the book project, available as prints by order.

lynch_web_1 Twin-Peaks-Floor lynch_web_19 lynch_web_18 lynch_web_17 lynch_web_12 lynch_web_11 lynch_web_10 lynch_web_8 lynch_web_7 lynch_web_6 lynch_web_5 lynch_web_4 lynch_web_3 lynch_web_2 A_13