Project Description

Tappetina was created by IT professor Letizia Jaccheri at NTNU in Norway. Namtaru Creations was commissioned to illustrate and express the world content in Tappetina´s book into art objects and other concepts for Tappetina and related to educational purposes. Mixing digital and analog possibilities the creativity is unlimited. We need both to understand and inspire new generations and to rediscover ourselves, our potential tools and increase our knowledge. My vision of Tappetina aims to change the world as a doer, becoming an example, collaborating with others, creating new possibilities, sharing knowledge and ideas!

“The primary activity and results are a set of books in several languages about technology, innovation and mentoring. Tappetina wants to be a super hero who helps other individuals to succeed with their technology projects. The main challenge are gender equality and quality of education.

Tappetina runs workshops & hackatlons that contribute to solve societal challenges through the power of ICT and professional network. The main target groups are teenagers.”

(c) Letizia Jaccheri