Project Description

Re-member Re-do is the first collaboration between the amazing industrial engineer and talented photographer Anastasia Malafey and I.

Our connection started quickly after our first encounter in 2012, due to our passion to create, turning ideas into projects and using our skills to compose through different methods, to approach the same result. Like utopians, we believe in the power of realization, where money surrender to a lower level and collaboration, recycling and brainstorming, is functioning like the best espresso coffee machine in the market. We love what we do and that is how we keep working together and thinking bigger and different every time we do something.

Re-member Re-do is a project about memories, about keeping people together, about identities, about time and presence. We created an event on Facebook inviting all our friends and relatives to participate sending pictures of themselves and with others, no matter the size, no matter when, who, how… but people. We connected all faces and persons that participated composing a net in which they were floating on the air like dancing towards the window, passing by the space, just like time does. From black and white to colors, from colors to white, including old self-portraits and photos taken and developed by myself that I exposed to the disintegration under water and inks.

The result was a beautiful living installation that lasted during a couple of days in my old studio room at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder in Trondheim, during Trondheim Open Art Festival 2012. We want to dedicate this post and send our most sincere greetings to everyone who collaborated with us in this project. We remember you and we will re-do this sometime again, even bigger!

Irene D.M. and Anastasia Malafey

All pictures below were taken by Anastasia Malafey