Project Description

Cusco (Qosqo), capital of the Inca Empire, city of contrast, where past and present dance with the music of the Sikuris. The heart beats while the Ancestors call is felt deep in my heart. Being a restless traveler in this city of magic touches soul, mind and spirit. Regardless the lack of resources in so many aspects, this city is alive and shines because of the people and their vibrant colors.

Forever grateful to my dearest “sister in soul” Tania Castro from Asociación Cultural Qu´Ente, Lucho Castro, Rosina, Gustavo, César/ Julia Mendoza, Hipólito Peralta, Chabe, Raísa, Adriana Peralta, Juan Manuel Redondo and all those beautiful souls encountered in this ecumenical center, belt of the “New world”.

The following images are a collection taken during my last days in the streets of Cusco. They keep strong and deep impressions, smells, melodies, emotions, touch and a certain magic that can only be experience by being present there.

The city grows without sense all around the valley, people carry their life everyday and modern civilization is often seen with a society that seems to be under developed for western societies. But, honestly, their knowledge and understanding of our existence, as it is presented in their fascinating Andean Cosmovision, is far more deep and, therefore, they deserve all respect and admiration.

Faces and expressions tell stories that no words can explain. Encounters that will always be remembered, moments of silent dialogue, empty walls and time passengers.

Street dogs are all around the city, full of scars, they rest under the burning sun and starve in the streets. Feeding them feels like turning on a star in the sky. Still, they carry on and keep fighting for survival with so much kindness in their faces.

Ending this post with one of my favorite subjects: doors and windows. Fascinated by the intense blue color that many houses in Cusco have. They remind me of Andalucía, still unique. Doors and windows represent so many common things in all cultures. I will remark one of them: they are a portal to another world. Never judge the outside look and feel free to imagine a wonderful universe on the other side.