Project Description

WE are back on the experimental track! This is the newest and most recent collaboration with Anastasia Malafey for TEDxTrondheim.



Thanks to TEDxTrondheim organization, volunteers, participants and visitors, for making this idea real and interactive! And for the photos! We are already brainstorming for the next project later in autumn. Special mention to Elke Drøssiger, whom helped with the installation and mounting at Byscenen in Trondheim. Read the whole entry to know more about this project, check the pictures and enjoy the video creation below!
More about Matters of the Mind from TEDxTrondheim


The concept

The Mind as a net, the net as a tree, the tree as a channel. Everything is connected and patterns repeat themselves inside and out. We believe in humans as the best product of nature, so we are considering our Minds as the Matter for our existence and our sustainability. We are the best creators rather than best destructors. How is this transformation happening in our intellect, and how are we capable of perceiving and change the reality in which we are living? When we connect. We learn by copying each other, so we become repetition and mirrors to ourselves and to others.


The network, a matter of language and communication

When we work together we remain open to each other´s comments and ideas. We love working together with people and learning new ways to look at what we do. We invite people to be part of our project and now we are willing to expand our Minds with new matters to keep growing together, learning together.

The materials

White cotton and hand sewing were chosen as material and technique in order to try something new.
Hand sewing has been a practical meditation technique for Irene, in which she found a very close connection with the materials and the possibilities of sculpting in a very organic way, while recycling plastic bags to fill the branches.


Beyond time and space

This project started back in winter merely as abstract ideas we exchanged via Skype.

From ideas and sketches, using inspiration from different sources, it has adopted a physical shape in South Spain, where it has been sewed by hand, tested in a garden and packed to be sent to Trondheim. Since it´s arrival the shape of this structure has been evolving through different steps in which has adopted another shape.

We remain open to face new possibilities and possibilities means changes. As there is no distance for things to be done, there is always a space in which they occur. Here and now.

The shape

The shape of this structure can represent one thing or another, or even few things at the same time. It might remind people about roots, snakes, trees, spiderwebs…

No matter how we look at the structure we can appreciate that it is organic, it´s moving, it´s flowing, it´s dynamic. It moves freely and it is part of the space. We want to remind people about the human brain, how the rhythm and the system is in perfect harmony with the space without invading it, but growing and co-existing with it.

The video

Idea and art director: Anastasia Malafey – Operator and editor: Jan Kristian Hagen – Starring: Anastasia, Elke Drøssiger, Benjamin Aarø – Music: Marianna Sangita – Makeup: Anastasia

We are very happy to share this project with people from different countries, turning our concept into a global cooperation. We would like to prove that connecting our skills and sharing our experiences the potential of the final product grows and expands.