Project Description

In the winter of 2011 started a wonderful collaboration with teachers from the Art School of Seville. We decided to give us the artistic name “Mano izquierda” (Left hand).

We  wanted to experience something new, learn something new, different, while sharing the experience together.

Creativity knows no boundaries and skilled creative challenge arises with the left hand.
Thus we began to find a new way to express and use the materials with the confidence of not knowing what will be the result every time we meet.
The idea was born with the illusion of seeing and sharing our time, thoughts, experiences, between laughs and random conversations, in rainy afternoons after school, after work, in another context, no matter the place, but together.

With your left hand we free to be technical and distract us while we were inspired ideas between us and every time we meet again arise. It is the awakening of a collective activity that wants to continue growing and experiencing. We tend to meet to enjoy our time together, at a coffee bar, using all kind of tools and materials we have on the table, from a pencil or a brush to red wine, coffee and toothpicks… painting with our fingers or doing collage with newspapers we collect on our way to the meeting point. Everything is allow for creativity to flow!

In July 2014 “Mano Izquierda” has exhibited all our collective artworks produced until now at the gallery Espacio de autor 1de7 in Seville. Here are some pictures taken by the gallery owner, a wonderful and creative sculptor María Sánchez.

“MANO IZQUIERDA” members and participants of this exhibition:  Lola Aguilar, Julio López, Francisco García, Pilar Osma, Irene Domínguez, Sebastián Berlanga, Antonio Garcia, Ildefonso Alonso, Pilar Márquez and Antonio Dominguez.