Project Description

“MADERAS” is a large ongoing project that started in the summer of 2006 during my first trip to Norway.

Maderas means wood in spanish, ved in norwegian… all these three languages have become part of my ordinary life and so does the element “Wood”. Everyone who knows me is concerned about my close relationship with trees and how fascinated I am about textures, colors, forms, patterns, movement and observing how things grow, transform and change through time and space.

This photo project is exploring and collecting wooden details from all places I visit, mostly from Norway, Catalonia, Spain… Looking at wood in different locations show the unlimited diversity and amazing patterns of this element amon cultures and history, since these pictures are close up of house walls, doors, windows, ornaments and other wooden forms.


Some of these pictures have been exhibited together with another collections during the last years in Seville (Public library Infanta Elena, Gallery 1de7 Espacio de autor), Barcelona (Scandinavian Club of Barcelona, diverse coffee shops) and Trondheim (Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder, Café Choco Boco) – exhibitions: “Maderas”, “Fra Nordland” and “Esencias”.1-217 1-215 1-209 1-205 1-196 1-195 1-227 1-71 1-44 puertasyventanas_detalles06 puertasyventanas_detalles05 puertasyventanas_detalles04 puertasyventanas_detalles03 esencias06 esencias05

Maderas, Esencias, Fra Nordland