Project Description

A journey and adventure in the beautiful levadas, coast, gardens and waterfalls of the portuguese island of Madeira.

A week trip back to 2006, with a great friend and amazing illustrator to which I dedicate this collection: Micky, this is for you!

madeira-2 madeira-3 madeira-6 madeira-7 madeira-8 madeira-9 madeira-10 madeira-11 madeira-13 madeira-14 madeira-15 madeira-16 madeira-17 madeira-18 madeira-19 madeira-20 madeira-21 madeira-22 madeira-23 madeira-24 madeira-25 madeira-26 madeira-27 madeira-28 madeira-29 madeira-30 madeira-31 madeira-32 madeira-33 madeira