Project Description

When Art and Data become an interactive new experience that aims to attract the interest of 10th class students to choose data and programming after high school… this is what Kodeløypa is doing and I am very happy for being responsible for the artistic side and documentation of such an interesting, creative and goal oriented project!

I have been sorting lots of computer pieces, electronic devices and diverse objects and materials to recycle and create figures that my project partners Ilse, Finn and Rolf have implemented with Arduino boards, diverse sensors and functions animating these robots with Open Source program Scratch.

I have also documented with photo and video the working process, the tests with our visitors this summer and created easy gif animations with figures I made for our own Scratch library catalogue, to be used by the students to make their own animations during the 2 days workshop.

We are presenting Kodeløypa at Trondheim Maker Faire in August 2014 and will be assisting the project with students this autumn at NTNU IDI.

besøk_kollage besøk_kollage2 figur_prosess1 figur_prosess2 figur_prosess3 prosess_ilse prosess_kabbelcobra prosess_papirswang prosess_rolf