Project Description

DON´T PULL ME OUT is an all-day relational performance that explores the intersection of suction and transformation. This project is an original idea of the southern-sami multiartist Stina Ravdna Lorås from Draug Produksjoner (Trondheim, Norway) and has been presented at Trondheim Open Art Biennale 2018 at Atelier Ilsvika. Stina has directed and produced this 12 hours performative event in collaboration with sami musician and producer Johan Sara from Siterdna label, producer Sune Scheldjerup from Gaffa Productions and video artist Anne-May Fossnes. The project is financed and supported by the Norwegian Art Council, Samitinget and Trondheim Municipality.

The concept was to explore human intrinsic boundaries. What drives us into the euphoric trance where we let the emotions take over and unwittingly pass “the point of no return”. All directly connected with nature, sami culture, sharing time and space in a parallel universe while spending time together as part of a collective you don´t want to be away from. In this first serie below I painted in cotton fabric the 7 days of creation of this New World inspired by the style and elements of ancient sami art, directly related to the shamanic journey and the magic. The main roll in this story is Mother Nature and her representation as a spider which will take all over in the human world.

As visual artist, scenographer, designer, performer and documentarist; my personal immersion and enrollment in this project has been a really challenging and inspiring adventure. From exploring new horizons and going beyond personal limits to creating the atmosphere and elements of a parallel world, designing so many elements, collecting materials, networking, assisting meetings and event gatherings, meeting new people, trying new techniques, mounting, dismounting… The dedicated and hard labour behind the scenes was truly worth the effort. Outdoors, the path to the river and the sami lavvo was made covering stones with red textile. At the lavvo, fire, storytelling, activities with kids from Ila school and traditional sami cooking  took place during the day.

The talented and creative mind of Stina was responsible to build the climbing spider net which, together with the cocoons (the bigger ones were created by talented textile artist/entrepeneur Randi Bakken ( Transit ) and Mette Brasøy, both from Atelier Ilsvika).

The following images display a mixture of concepts which were used as inspiration sources and part of the work in progress at the temporary studio at Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, offered by Catherine Hovdahl. Spending many hours working with my hands, using both organic and inmaterial elements together gave new perspectives and understanding about the creative process and the direct connection with nature from a very deep source.

These last images display the poster and flyer design made for the event. It´s possible to see the whole program created for this 12 hours event, which ended up with a contact improvisation dance and a deadly and sweet surprise cake made by café Ni Muser bakery.

Thanks to all the people who made this possible, because collaboration and communication were the keys to make this happen. Thanks to our sponsors: Atelier Ilsvika, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, Ramirent, Stoff og Stil, Østerlie Kunst og Farve, Din Gårdsplass, Avant Garden, PanOrama, Smith og Stål, Transform Festivalen, Copycat, Ila Skolen.
To our fantastic helpers and volunteers: Sigbjørn Hessa, Maria Mancha, Lene Risholt, Yvonn Jakobsen, Ronja Marja, Per Anton Øverseth, Stian Wannebo…