Project Description

Back to Basics is the second collaboration between Anastasia Malafey and I. This time, our concept was developed as an art installation for TEDxTrondheim (an independently organized TED event), last autumn 2013 in Trondheim, Norway.

Our concept was inspired by TEDxTrondheim subject “Back to Basics” and has shown us that we are capable to work as a team doing real projects through time and space. Communication works while creativity flows and our skills are tested with efficiency and will. We do this with passion, we do this to contribute, we love exchanging ideas.

“Our main idea is to enhance TED´s concept and produce an ephemeral artwork that captures movement, development, sequence, being present, fly and change, adapting the work to space as we do to new communication times, still using paper as a base for our work, reminder of a basic tool in communication and information for mankind´s history.”

Back to Basics – Installation project for TEDxTrondheim – all pictures taken by © Anastasia Malafey

Back to basics art project © Anastasia Malafey & Irene Domínguez Márquez