Project Description

Allowing creativity to flow!

“Art in the library: a creative storytelling” has been a successful and creative project in collaboration with NTNU Gunnerus University Library and students from Steinerskolen in Trondheim.


The project has been supported by a grant received from the Norwegian Art Council. I am really thankful to all those who have collaborated and made this amazing experience possible, specially with my project-partner Alexandra Angeletaki (archaeologist and librarian at Gunnerus Library).

Working together with High school students has been really inspiring and creative. We learned while developing our creative ideas and the feedback received after finishing the workshop and under the opening of the exhibition was really positive and motivating to keep arranging such projects in the near future.


The subject chosen for this workshop is Alchemy and the way that it has been practiced and presented in books from the 16th century and the illustrations from Gunnerus University Library.



“Art in the library: a visual storytelling” is included in the research as a sub-project of MUBIL project. Please visit Gunnerus archives to read more info about MUBIL and the implementation of 3D technology in disseminating books and creating a virtual laboratory for students.