Project Description

ARK4 is a cooperation project between 4 Institutions of Trondheim NTNU UB; IDI;Regional State Archives and Deaf Museum. Athena Research Center, Athens Greece  is also an external collaborator. ARK4 intends to: create a virtual space of dialogue between the common user and the institutions involved.  It will explore novel methods of technology to disseminate knowledge from the past to a wide public of young age. Ark4 intends to apply user-centered methods and collect new narratives, to be shared by the national and regional community of libraries, schools and archives.

The first prototype was launched in June and 12 students from the Steiner school in Trondheim participated to a workshop about plants in collaboration with Ringve Botanical garden, Vitenskapmuseet in Trondheim and Bjørn Sæther. The students did a fantastic job and made really beautiful illustrations based on plants, herbs and trees from Trøndelag region.

  • All illustrations were collected in a calendar layout that might be printed and for sale for the next year. More info and pictures about this project here.


  • Enter page-credits page designs for the Touch Screen applications in collaboration with the institutions mentioned above.

enterpage-creditspage enterpage-creditspage enterpage-creditspage

Archaeology has also taken part on ARK4. These illustrations and layout were made for a video introduction and a Quiz about Rødøy islands in Northern Norway. Creative learning has been inspiring me during this fascinating journey through history!

rødøyvideo_elements rødøyvideo_elements2


Poster designs for seminars and conferences where ARK4 has been presented.