Project Description

Apollo and Daphne is an artistic experiment inspired by one of my favorite myths from the Ancient Greece.

Since 2010 FancyPants and I have been working with a diversity of projects, from bodypaint and photography, to motion photography, official photoshoots for FancyPants and NTNUI Dans, documentary photography and collaborations for North Cultitude 6263 events in 2012. This time we wanted to try something new, more mystical and atmospheric. We tried to represent the story of Daphne and Apollo like a photographic novel in an open landscape, to emphasize the drama of these victims of Cupido.

We are still at the beginning of a great collaboration where dance, photography, painting and scenographic arts come together and where I have found new ways of expression within the visual arts. Bodypaint, masks and atrezzo has also been done by myself. The location is Leirsjøen in Trondheim, one of my favorite places for connecting with nature.