Project Description

The magic of collaboration is finding new places for discovering new possibilities and facing new challenges, all of them connected to art and creativity.

Last October 15h, the talented musician and singer from Hitra, Therese Ulvan, presented her new album “Love True” at Ila Aktivitetshus in Trondheim. We talked about trying to do a “live painting” during the concert after the beautiful opening concert she played for my latest exhibition “A travel through Time… and Space” at Modern Art Gallery in Trondheim.


This has been my very first and surely not last “live painting” experience. I loved everything about it! Even during the rehearsal, at home and during the sound check, I felt how music, sound, feelings and painting where constantly flowing and transforming into new shapes… It was fantastic!

Step by step, from being careful with the technique and trying to keep the artwork clean, it started to explode in all directions… I felt my body moving and dancing all melodies, painting with my hands… I could feel how words were translating emotions through my fingers full of paint…
I am tremendously thankful to Therese for inviting me to experience such an unforgettable happening.


Her album “Love True” contains now a piece of Soul and memory that will always remain special to me. When you love deeply and truly… When you express what you love while loving what you do… Life is, without doubts, True Love.

And love is inspiration! 🙂 Keep inspired and creative.


Thanks to Alberto Commodaro and Narcis Yousefi for the pics and visual documentation. And thanks to everyone that attended the show, for their beautiful feedback comments and their energy!