Project Description

Traces divided in two spaces-two floors – or memories from the exhibition at Sala EL Pópulo, Cádiz May 2014-

The pieces exhibited were developed during my Artist in Residency period at The Artist´s Workshop, Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cádiz – april-june 2013

Paintings, photography from the serie “A-mar-mirando”, maps, installation with the palm fishes and words… This was a little exhibition in the heart of a beautiful city, the oldest in Europe… Somewhere to get lost like in the map below… ready to draw your own itinerary in order to discover new things everyday… A wonderful experience that I have had the pleasure of sharing with family, friends and visitors. Thanks to all of you, for allowing me to adopt a new place everywhere I go…1-235










1-284This is how I perceived Cádiz, these are the lines that traced my itineraries… dividing neighborhoods with textures of wooden anchored boats and forgetting about streets and names… every way take you to the Sea where the legend of the Oracle comes from, there where rumors locate the Lost  City of Atlantis…

second_floor first_floor