Project Description

Adopting a place I become nomad, I find a home wherever my heart feels at home…




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Of comings and goings on two wheels, two feet or trains and ships, I keep composing scenes and mental polaroids as waves in the sea, day after day turned into months.

I adopted one place, two and three and, as I grow older, while I change of places and spaces; at that same time, more or less consciously, I have changed myself and the universe that keeps growing inside me. Places-spaces and borders have been changing, moving as tree branches dancing together with the summer breeze… Allowing me to feel the enlightenment of a new period, where awareness has become an essential tool to develop my creativity and experiment while searching for new possibilities and discovering ideas.

These are memories from the months of April-May-June at the atelier I got through the “Artist workshops” located at the amazing Castle of Santa Catalina, in the beach of La Caleta (Cádiz, Spain), where Astarte´s temple and the Oracle was located in very ancient times… What a privilege…