Project Description

Challenges, experiences… They are the motivation for the everyday, to face and find the world with curiosity. That is how this project became real. Adopting a space, looking to the sea, seeing horizons where only waves are visible on the surface…

This is the mini journal of the project “Adopta un lugar, Mar-mirando”, presented at the Ateneo in Cádiz, the 2th oldest Ateneo in Spain, last November 2013. A place-space for culture, literature, science, art and exchange, where illustrated people meet and share knowledge and experiences, keeping the spirit of a cultural legacy alive.


I was invited by Eloisa Marín, member of the Ateneo, to present a project that could start her new program about the development of villages and places through art and cultural approach. I am very thankful to this amazing and talented woman and remarkable mother, who has the enthusiasm and the illusion of a child and put her heart in everything she does.

I made an artistic intervention, hanged all my flight and train tickets from years ago together with some of the fishes I painted on palm leaves last spring. They were hanging on fishing rods on the patio of this old and lovely building. This was the first impression to welcome all guests. After that, in the room we met, I displayed a visual presentation with photographic and graphic memory of the last 5 and half years of my life, focusing on the period that I spent last spring at the artist in residence atelier located in Cádiz, S. Cataline´s Castle. For all the assistants and participants in the artistic intervention, I read them a text I wrote about my own story, so that they could be invited to see the presentation through my eyes and with my experience. We exchanged opinions, thoughts and comments after the event and enjoyed of a warm and beautiful experience.

I translated to english the introduction to the story I wrote, for all those who wish to read it before or after watching the video presented above.

In the warm catalan winter of 2008 I embarked into an adventure to the majestic fjords of Norway, looking forward to a fresh new start.

The first thing that occurred to me was a cold, due to the huge temperature difference between these two countries.
In the land of the trolls and the northern lights I found myself into the mirror, accepting dualities, dreaming and fighting for everything I dreamed about , learning to adapt to whichever difficulty and unexpected adventures appeared to me .
I arrived to Norway with nothing behind my back and today I feel tremendously rich for everything I became capable to build and create, not counting it in material gains, as artists´s heart know well that the less you have, the more creative you are and the more you make out of nothing.

After five and a half years of with a different everyday, finding and confronting new challenges , everything changed. I spent a lot of energy facing difficulties, but it is an incredibly rewarding step to learn and discover new paths and alternative solutions for all kind of situations. Remembering a phrase from a letter that someone said to someone else and that came to me in the right moment and at the right place: “Everything that has nothing to do with art , has everything to do with art .” That phrase came to my mind every day and in times when I could not create any image, or sketch a moment on paper. From frustration to meditation, a challenge.”

In this article you can read the full story and all about this event published on Yamelosé!, a spanish cultural online magazine: