Project Description

Exhibition at Modern Art Gallery – September 2014

Fascinated by the concept of Time, inspired by my great friend and also father, whom introduced me to the amazing and complex world of the classic mythology, I have been exploring worlds within and out the consciousness, intuition, realities, dreams, myths, personal experiences and energy, lots of energy.

Time has always pictured a crucial confrontation in my life.

 I perceive life ´s rhythm as a never ending symphony, like a way of living through creating, where Time is continuously creating and recreating itself…

When is Dark, as it was Then, Time weights enormously and is heavy to carry hours of space filled with memories, emotions, events and situations. Here comes the personification of Cronos as a human god, or a titan, the one who carries Time in the endless world.

The serie of Cronos carrying time, balancing time, walking through Time until disappearing is a portrait of humanity in its most material form. Is the journey of a soul during a lifetime on Earth.

Here Time plays the roll of a powerful source that will never be controlled and will never surrender to the freedom that mankind dream of. The aspects of this Time are directly connected with the world of emotions, irrational impulses driven by the Ego and the necessity of fulfilling life having a defined purpose. Here comes the balance, the loneliness, the massive landscapes and the connection with universes that go beyond our understanding before and after Death and Rebirth.

Cronos losing time

Cronos carrying time

sands of time

vision of the future past

cronos the old

Time balance

When is Light, as it is Now, in this new and brighter period, time is no longer anyone, is not lineal, is not even a concept, it simply does no exists. It´s a spiral that move us and connect us, expanding and compressing itself with no logical sense.

Time cannot longer be measured and become energy that moves all around and connect Past and Future in an eternal Now experience.

Here is where the travel begins… where dreams wake up within reality and reality itself become a dream… A travel through Time… and Space.

Hands of Sand II

Hands of Sand

The serie Rebirth and Dreams is representing these aspects where energy is moving and changing with no logical rhythm. I can also describe them as self portraits, containing aspects of myself that are connected to the depths of our wild nature, where energy is always changing in form and frequency.


Blue dream



– I started painting with oils the year I moved to Trondheim, inspired by the idea of doing interpretations of my own digital photo manipulations. Since then, I have been exploring this technique, combining it with other materials and textures. This exhibition shows the evolution, from the very beginning, “Cronos carrying the Time”, until the most recent ones, like “Rebirth”.

Being capable of looking and re-creating my own images is turning to be a beautiful cleansing process for mind, soul and spirit.

Irene D.M.