7 days ago…


Seven days ago the Sun had a different angle. I was looking at it from another place, yet it was the same sky…

Seven days ago I was experiencing what has become a very normal transition journey from “home” to “home”, two realities for one heart.

This time has been very special, quiet and intense too. Something happened on the air, while the first flight was on its way to Oslo…

There was a passenger on the plane seating on the other side of the aile… He was an old and thin pale man with very blue eyes and his health was not very good but nobody paid attention to it. Because I was seating by the aile and this man had to go to the lavatory often with the help of his son and daughter, I was aware of his health status… And then back to sketching and reading…

All of the sudden, I noticed that he was coming back from a long time in the lavatory and his helpers were not able to carry him alone… Something was wrong… Members from the cabin crew came to help us but things were not that easy… Planes are not designed to operate such situations, I thought. When trying to reanimate this man there was a doctor approaching and he started to lead the situation with help of a nurse that also joined…

During approx. 20 minutes, when reaching our destination, this man was leaving this world. The experience of being unable to help and save him, looking at his eyes and face while he was receiving oxygen… Or being the last thing someone sees before the rigor mortis… is a scene I still keep freshly in my eyes and memory. Somehow it was calm, he was not capable of sustain his self and breathe… we landed and the emergency crew was already on the plane… 15 more minutes but it was time to leave… All other passengers were gone, some of them asked what happened while most of them just left, aware or not of the situation… When I heard the question that the emergency doctor asked to the other doctor: are there family members on the plane with him? – the other doctor said “yes” and both of them exchanged a look that said everything. There was nothing else to do. It was cold…

We approached our destination on safe ground while someone just did it physically. He left while we arrived… What a paradox…


During the last sevens days I have been receiving flashes in my mind from this experience… From seeing his very blue eyes going backwards and his throat with a red-purple tone passing someone else´s oxygen to his skinny naked torso… I was looking at him wishing him a peaceful journey and I still do, seven days later…

I left the plane with a very strange feeling of confusion and gratitude, deep and clean gratitude.

Seven days ago I started to practice this gratitude more than I used to do, more aware, more conscious. This gratitude has blue eyes and is everywhere now. It helps me to breathe and appreciate all tiny things, moments and situations I encounter. It helps me to remember everyday how precious life is, how delicate things are, how much love and compassion needs to be shared.

Seven days ago many persons arrived home and someone left. This happens all the time, everywhere, constantly, more dramatically and/or more peacefully. We exchange places and we offer each other the experiences to learn and feel them, so that we can remember that everything/everyone is unique and irreplaceable, strong and yet fragile.

Seven days ago I learned to breathe differently and smile more often.

I dedicate these words to that man, someone I will never see again but I will always remember.


Keep breathing.


October beings…

Back in Trondheim… Life and travels are certainly moving in spirals where time and space are reflecting old and new patterns all around, yet completely different inside…


Fresh air, autumn winds and beautiful colors are turning trees into living canvases where summer gradients are embracing winter displaying thousand patterns… leaves are flying, falling, dancing with the wind and leading the spirit towards a period of stillness and spiritual balance.

The more I travel, the more I see the uniqueness and the unified field in which we move, the “natural blues” we play when going with the flow of our “natural rhythm”… Why to stand and follow systematic patterns when your soul scream to wake you up and set your spirit free?

“Flying modus”, disconnecting from the source, turning off your mobile phone, talking with each other, relaxing, closing your eyes, dreaming while flying somewhere else, letting your hands draw freely on blank pages… How easily can happiness embrace your soul when the acceptance of the only Now moment remind you that everything is just fine as it is…


Back from “home” or back at “home”. Home is a state of mind that breathes from the heart, truly, where the uniqueness of our treasures remains only and exclusively within us, forever. If reality wants you to expand, move reality to see it below.


There is something magic about traveling that is not found in our daily moments. We consume experiences as today is the only moment we got to enjoy what is happening, no matter how things are, not judging events as good or bad experiences but registering the information and filtering sensations as they come, as we feel them… covering yourself with the essence of every experience and finding the bliss of recreating yourself, lighter and lighter as the dust stays far away.

We are mirrors of ourselves, we reflect aspects that need of attention and part of us that shine like the brightest sun ray. So look up, feel it, enjoy it… keep it with you, the Sun and its energy! Be light!


Today I want to share with you this piece of mind, this moment of beautiful peace, a smile of autumn, a dream that is already manifesting. And I want to thank you all for this journey, to everyone I encounter, for being such a beautiful mirror. Thanks for the inspiration that you create in my Universe. Thanks for your company and welcome back to a journey together. Wings ON! 🙂


Irene D.M.

Being alert, but quiet.

Encounters take place in all aspects of our human sides, countless are they.
Yet things re-happen and you might be familiar with the pattern, but it is new, a new version, like an update.

What is all this noise?
Where does it go when I reach my inner peace?
Where does my consciousness travel?
What is this large amount of information doing by knocking at the doors of my perception continuously?

Caffeine might be stimulant but nothing as life itself. Alert, be alert, but quiet.
Find in nature the silence and the purity. Leave behind the masks, all thoughts, all noises…


Do you expect something to happen now? Don´t. Simply don´t, simply stay.
Embrace every particle of your body which is compose by million, thousand, hundreds… of particles.
Your mind will find absurd trying to picture and even count them.

Visualize a drop of water, so clear, so pretty, so perfect… become the drop. You weight nothing, you are invisible, you are beautiful, transparent…
Guide yourself to the Quintessence of becoming your own self experience and find the magic that is contained within all creatures and beings. Your experience is collective and yet is kept to be unique, exclusive, non repeatable.

Can you imagine now that this is constantly happening? You are always creating a new image of your self. Are you aware of your potential?

21th August 2014 – Pictures taking during a trip to the amazing Geiranger fjord in Norway.

Drawing constellations

Drawing my own constellation – moving through the same spaces, different paths, common spaces, new roads, known faces, new experiences… it is never the same… I am never the same…


Sometimes it is shining and I know where I am going… sometimes it is dark and I am confused… I experience being excited, tired, creative, quiet, active, silent, social, smiling, serious, jumping, lying down, walking, running, stopping, looking, hearing, listening, observing, distracted, meditative… so stars shine… within and out… I am rarely in grey scale and always in motion… Are constellation always in balance?

I am crossing new roads where the understanding of creativity is displaying the connection between everything and everything else… or that we can perceive with what we can´t perceive…

Feeling through creating can be set in all contexts in life. Exchanging experiences and information with people is opening and expanding the massive universe of possibilities and giving impulses to abroad my capacities in order to experience things deeply and truly.

Constellations are beautiful. Sometimes they hide… during summers in Norway I cannot see the stars, but I can feel they are there. That´s because I am walking on their reflection… I am tracking myself, moving on the map while traveling among the stars…

Ongoing project, more to come.


Ideas are amazing and powerful visions. They are the little precious and wonderful moments of inspiration that are constantly popping up from the never ending box of resources and magic of this life.
In my universe, ideas are everywhere. They keep me awake, they make me feel alive and the give me all I need to keep on going. New concepts and challenges keep growing inside me, with the curiosity and the enthusiasm of the child that I always carry with me.

Words and traces II – winter 2013

Things move, let´s say that every thing moves with its own rhythm but what we perceive looks more like chaos and might be interpret as against our own rhythm most of the times. I understand more and more the single aspects of every rhythm in their individual approach to a natural melody.
Forget words like “stress”, expressions like “I don´t have time”, “Is too late”, “I am too old for this” or the abused term to delay things in the spanish culture “tomorrow”.
“Words and traces” is a portfolio entry, yet is more a memory journal or a space for changing the rhythm of the website, my artistic routine and also my way of thinking, sharing it with those who feel free to choose to read it. Thanks. Maybe what I am saying sounds familiar, maybe not. It does not matter at all. I am back on writing.
After being absorbed by the need to create and find productivity in everything I do, not as a contribution to the art, but more as a personal quest to the limits and capacities for my senses and as a fight against my own ego. Yes, the one that can determinate and control fears in order to choose which of the many individual aspects of my own self will conquer myself in this life time.
When I am tracing lines, tracing maps, writing words, reading words… I find less and less need to say something relevant and a stronger need to remain silent. Saying this I refer to the universal thought that one image says thousand words and silence speaks more than any word, and we don´t need any language to express this.
The world is changing, is being polarized. The same that is happening in the Universe, in the atmosphere, in the Solar System, is happening to us, citizens of a living planet. A higher conciousness is waking up inside of many… and as it does, there are many things that lose their position in a bigger scale, irrelevant things for human nature.
How is this affecting my art? Well, let´s say I arrived to the top of the mountain that I was climbing all these years behind. I was tired, exhausted, thirsty, hungry and happy.
When I got there, the view was amazing, undescriptible, like I was the king of a never ending kingdom of beauty and the majesty of nature gave me the inner peace I was desperately looking for. Then I realized, when I looked up, in the sky, that there were steps leading to an even higher top. But it was even more difficult to start walking towards that direction, because it was almost invisible. The sky could become cloudy, or rainy, or stormy… and not only that, but I would have to learn myself to fly if I wanted to get there… I trained myself how to fly, how to see through clouds, rain and thunder. I worked out to be strong enough to maintain the body when flying. I got a set of wings that make more difficult my situation, as they are heavy and when I am leading towards a wrong direction, I lose control over them.
Let´s say I understood that there is always a higher top but is not impossible to get there. Everyday I train to end the day with new wisdom and power, with more calm, forgetting that I am stronger than the past days and inspired by the fact that I will be even stronger tomorrow, but only if I continue working out this way. New and unexpected experience will be always appearing in my journey. I will meet many of you, some others might go somewhere else, others will never arrive. But this is just natural. Our nature is individual, our mountain tops look different, yet we belong to a same natural order from chaos and our mountain tops belong to a same space within time. Maybe you want to be in a castle on earth while I prefer to fly and discover castles in the air. Both options are right, none is better than other.
This is the way I am working my daily perception now. On my quest to unknown spaces beyond realities and with other needs to collaborate and inspire others, in order to expand consciousness through visualizations of reality and self expression.
This is why my artistic approach is changing. The line which I started to draw when I started drawing is not straight, is not even a line but many. The shape in which that line is revealing is still to be defined.
Before it was scary to look at it without seeing anything concrete. Now is safe to look at it and see that is something growing, moving, jumping from the paper, breathing.

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Words and traces I – spring 2013

So, like the legend of the Phoenix, there is always an end for a new beginning…
What if there is no end after all but just new beginnings, continuous continuations of a never ending road trip that draws our own constellation?
This is a new beginning for Namtaru Creations, again, somewhere else, yet here. Back to words and images, to pictures and smells, to new projects and existing ones, to known places and unknown ones. Things are never the same, yet they look like they were just the same as yesterday, sometimes…
I invite you to follow this trip of  many locations, walking through a map made of thoughts and traces of memory from paths, walks, roads and non existing ways too. As this project might grow gradually and get the shape of a publication, keep coming back to find more pages of this travel journal.