Here are photos, memories and posters from some exhibitions:

Canvases at Modern Art Gallery, Trondheim 2008-2010:Pencil drawings at Galleri Artnest, Trondheim 2012:1

“Mírame” – Drawings, paintings and photography at Oppdal Kulturhus, Norway, 2011. Credits to Steinar Myraune for the bottom picture.2“Rebirth” at Marienborg Kunstnersverksteder during Trondheim Open 2012″ – Pencil drawings, self-portraits and installation – based on photographs taken by Raquel García during a collaboration photo shooting in 2010. 3

Poster and flyer for “Rebirth” at Galleri Artnest in Trondheim 2012.


“Dere vet ikke hva dere gå glipp av” – Performance during the opening of the exhibition at TSSK 2012- Center for Contemporary Art in Trondheim, Norway. Thanks to Ole Tolstad for reading my text and becoming my inner voice in duality with the female/male presence. Credits to Monica Svorstøl for the pictures.


“Kunst i Biblioteket” , article about MUBIL project and the exhibition of the workshop with Steinerskolen students at Gunnerus University Library in Trondheim 2012.


“Adopta un lugar, A Mar Mirando” – Installation, video presentation and talk at Ateneo artístico, literario y cultural de Cádiz, November 2013. Credits to Manolo Ramos for the pictures. 5“Requiem” – Work in progress and final artwork, inspired by Mozart´s Requiem. Credits to Monica Svorstøl for the top picture. 6“Presentation, conference” – At Casa de la Cultura de Utrera, Seville 2013. Thanks to Carlos Feliu Cervi for the invitation to do this intervention and share memories, ideas and thoughts with his students. Credits to Carlos Feliu Cervi for the pictures. 7“Re adopta un lugar, creando” – Presentation, conference at Escola d´Art Illa, Sabadell, Barcelona 2014. Credits to Siscu Salvany for the pictures.


Memories, announces on newspapers (Adressevisen, Oppdal avis and IN Magasinet, Trondheim) 2008-2012:


Opening of “Dere vet ikke hva dere gå glipp av”, Center for Contemporary Art, Trondheim (TSSK) 2012:memories Posters for “Fra Norland” and “Maderas”, Barcelona and Trondheim 2011-2012:


From the exhibition “Fra Bergen” at Kafé Choco Boco Bakklandet, Trondheim – interview for by Vanja Skotnes.


From the exhibition “Blue Velvety”, a tribute to Blue Velvet – The projekte Gallery, Wilmington 2011:theprojekte_lynchFrom the exhibition “Innbyggerne av Nidarosdomen” at Trondheim Folkebiblioteket 2012