2015 – ongoing

  • Workshop and exhibitions “Letters to the World” for WCU – Norway, Spain, Peru, Russia, Sicily
  • Co-founder of World Cultures United NGO (Norway, Worldwide) “Art, Culture and Crative Industries project platform”


  • Collective exhibition “Un mundo ilustrado” – January-March – Gallery “Espacio 1de7” – illustrations, Seville (Spain)


  • “En reise gjennom Tid… og Rom” – Modern Art Gallery, Trondheim – oil paintings
  • Collective exhibition “Mano izquierda” July – Gallery “Espacio 1de7” – collages and illustrations made by the artistic group “mano izquierda”
  • Photo exhibition “La pared del autor” June-July – Gallery “Espacio 1de7” – photographies from the series “Esencias”, “A-mar-mirando” and “Fra Nordland”
  • Photo exhibition “De mar y madera” – June-July – Kinema Sevilla, Terapias Naturalez
  • ”Re-adopta un lugar, Re-creando” – Conference-presentation – Escola d´art Illa, Sabadell, Barcelona – for illustration/graphic art students
  • Individual exhibition of the projects “Adopt a place, A-mar-mirando” at “El Pópulo”, Cádiz (paintings, photography, crafts, installations – artworks made during the “Artist in residence” , at “the artist´s workshops”, Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cádiz – spring 2013)
  • Collaboration project – Art installation for TEDxtrondheim´s event “Matters of the Mind” – April
  • January-February 2014 – Collective photo exhibition at “La Pícara”, cultural center, Seville (Spain)


  • Artistic intervention and presentation of the projects “Adopt a place – Mar-mirando” – Ateneo cultural, científico, artístico y literario de Cádiz – lecture, visual presentation, installation and discussion panel with participants
  • Collaboration project – Art installation for TEDxtrondheim´s event “Back to Basics” – October
  • I Exhibition of Postal Art, Fine Arts University of Granada, Spain – participation with 6 postal cards/artworks.
  • ”Conference-presentation about photography and the creative process” – Casa de la cultura de Utrera, Seville – for the artistic photography course students and participants


  • “Dry Swimming lessons” Collective Artistic project – Performance at Int. Conference about Health and Medicine “Salutogenesis”, Øya Helsehus, Trondheim – project developed during March-August 2012
  •  “Trondheim Open Art Festival” – Collective and individual art projects for exhibitions – indoors and outdoors – at Marienborg Kunstnerverksteder
  • “Trondheim Atlas” – Collective exhibition for participants of “Art and common space”, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) – Performance and exhibition
  • “Parallel Aksjonen” – Collective exhibition at Trondheim Center for Contemporary Art (TSSK) – Exhibited project: “Dreams from another room”, installation, drawing, canvas, book, texts and performance at the opening
  • “Innbyggerne av Nidarosdomen” – Individual exhibition at Trondheim´s Public Library, Trondheim Folkebibliotek- Illustrations of a project under development about the history of Trondheim´s cathedral and its architecture
  • “The Rebirth” – Individual exhibition at Galleri Artnest, Trondheim Drawing, canvas, bodypaint and performance at the opening


  • “Conference-presentation about photography, illustration and my artistic development” – Escuela de Arte de Nervión, Seville – for all students, course participants and teachers
  • “Juleutstilling” – Collective exhibition, Galleri Artnest, Trondheim (drawing)
  •  “Blue and Velvety” – Collective exhibition at The Projekte Gallery, Wilmington (Illustrations from the project “Watching David Lynch” for the anniversary of “Blue Velvet”)
  • “Månedes kunstner-november: Irene Domínguez” – Individual exhibition at Pias Café, Trondheim – Oil paintings
  • “Det røde huset” – Installation outdoors, collaboration project with local artist Brit Dyrnes – Trondheim Open Art Festival
  • “Watching David Lynch” – Installation-room – Trondheim Open Art Festival
  • “Maderas”, “Fra Madeira”, “Fra Bergen, ”Fra Nordland” – Individual photo exhibitions , Café Choco Boco Bakklandet, Trondheim

2011 – 2014

  • Exhibition Nature landscapes – Individual exhibition – donated to Medicine Center Klinikk Askim, Trondheim


  • “Fra Nordland” – Individual photo exhibition, Café bar Solé and at the Scandinavian Club of Barcelona (documented by Barcelona TV net, interview in norwegian) – Public library “Biblioteca pública Infanta Elena”, Sevilla

2010 – 2011

  •  “Søndagsutstillinger på Atelier Borgen” – Collective weekend – exhibitions Atelier Borgen, Trondheim


  •  “Mírame” – Individual exhibition at Oppdal culture house (Oppdal Kulturhus), Noruega (Drawing portraits, oil canvas, photography)

2008 – 2011

  • Exhibition of drawings and paintings at Modern Art Gallery, Trondheim


  • “Nørvegia” – Individual photo exhibition in different coffee bars located in Sabadell, Granollers and Barcelona
  •  “Grabats de Monterroso” – Collective exhibition of engravings by illustration students from Scola D´Art Illa about storytales writen by Monterroso, Círculo de bellas artes de Sabadell, Barcelona
  • “Céramicas” – Collective exhibition of ceramic objects by illustration students from Scola D´Art Illa, Sabadell, Barcelona


  • “Fotografía y fotomanipulación” – Collective exhibition by photography students from Escuela de arte del pabellón de Chile, Sevilla


2012 – Publication of “Watching David Lynch” book, by Círculo Rojo editorial

2012 – Printed and published photographies at “The Imaging Warehouse”, #issue – Jan 2012 Black White Photography Magazine – 2th award

2011 – 2012Illustrations for the magazine “Filosofisk Supplement” – published by the University of Oslo

2010Printed and published illustration for “David Lynch: O lado sombrio do Alma”, Río de Janeiro, Brazil

2011Printed and published illustrations in “Machines and Magic” – Book published by Craig Musselman


2005 – Printed and published illustration for Reader´s Guide to Cthulhu Mythos by Gakken Editorial, Japan

– SCHOOLS, AIR and Seminar participations, volunteering:




  • Multitasked artist for Kodeløypa project 2014 (IDI, NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim) – with stand at Trondheim Maker Faire
  • Illustrator, graphic designer and workshop artist for ARK4 and the projects “Flora Danica”, “Museum på skjerm”, “Kilder og krigen”, “Arkeologi på Rødøya” –   in collaboration with Steinerskolen i Trondheim, NTNU Gunnerus Library, Regional States Archives, Deaf Museum and Opp av dagen.
  • First expedition to Peru with World Cultures United org.
  • Qi-Yo Yoga Teacher Training in Peru – 200h – certified by the Int. Yoga Alliance and Qi-Gong Alliance.
  • Yoga for Children Teacher Training in Spain – 50h – certified by the European Yoga Institute
  • Aerial Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training in Spain – 50h – certified by Rosario Belmonte (Unnata Yoga)


  • Artist in residence at “The artists workshop”, Castillo de Santa Catalina,Cádiz (Spain) – Residence period 15th de april – 15th june – Investigation of artistic techniques and production of material for exhibitions and workshops
  • Seminar “Future Tools”, LGRU, MediaLab Prado, Madrid (Spain) – Representing NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
  • Workshop “Kunst i Biblioteket” –  project leader, artist and organizator in collaboration with Steinerskolen i Trondheim and NTNU Gunnerus Library  – supported by a grand for “Art and technology” Art Council Norway 2012, NTNU, Trondheim


  • Workshop “Technological Camp for girls” – co-leader and invited artist – arranged by Letizia Jaccheri at IDI department, NTNU-Trondheim
  • Seminar and workshop “Federated Publishing”, LGRU, Rotterdam (Netherlands) – Representing NTNU-Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim – Projects presented: ArTec, Our Toys, Mubil
  • Workshop “Drawing closer to nature”, Trondheim (Norway) – Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT), profesor Peter London
  • Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) – Participant guest in “Art and common space”, project “Trondheim Atlas” – January-June 2012

2005 – 2008 – Escola d´Art de Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain) – Superior Technician in Illustration and Graphic arts (diploma) – Final exam rate: 9.8/10

2007 – Workshop “Imagen Corporativa” , Escola d´Art Illa, Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain)

2003 – 2005 – Escuela de Arte de Sevilla, Sevilla (Spain) – Superior Technician in Art photography (Diploma) – Final exam rate: 9/10

2000 – 2002 – IES Politécnico, Sevilla (Spain) – Baccalaureate – grade 11 and 12 – E.S.O. – specialization in Arts – Diploma