The idea is not enough, it is merely the beginning…

…and then the idea starts to develop, changing shape, colors, lines, coming out of the paper, turning into another idea… then that idea is collected into a project that contains many ideas… My life-project is surrounded by ideas. Ideas are not enough and sometimes you need to wait until the concept becomes the idea and the idea develops the concept. Ideas need to grow while experience and visualization shape the form of every idea. It is fascinating to experience how a sketch becomes a real artwork and how it changes through time and space into other forms and concepts.

We are constantly shaping our world of ideas and imagination has no limits. Thanks for inspiring me, to all of you, to everything surrounding me. Writing about me does not mean anything if you were not there, because you remind me that I am alive and your comments and feedback give me different approaches about the world I am constantly creating. Everything needs of everything else to exist, it does not matter if things do not make sense, for they don´t need to make any sense, not now, not yet.


And this is how, through the years of my existence the roots of my universe have been growing up into different worlds between light and shadows, combining many different interests, absorbing everything surrounding me and providing me knowledge from different sources. There is no stop for creativity in my mind and no limits when it comes to experimenting and working with a diversity of techniques, styles and worlds to develop. Always interested in art I graduated as a photographer in 2005 and as illustrator/graphic artist i 2008. In 2009 Namtaru Creations was registered as an official company in Norway, my current residence. I’m active working with commissions, collaborations, personal and cooperative projects, participating in contests, arranging workshops and working with diverse aspects of the visual arts.

Art means everything in my life. Not only as a language to express myself or show what I see or how I feel, but as a way of living through devotion every day. I love trying new ideas and cooperating with other artistic minds, which give me different perspectives for both professional and personal development. I believe in the utopian dream of a shadow and I follow the artistic paths for self development. Creativity is the way I choose to explore the worlds out and within, the psyqué, and all beyond the Invisible Gates of the Universes.