October beings…

Back in Trondheim… Life and travels are certainly moving in spirals where time and space are reflecting old and new patterns all around, yet completely different inside…


Fresh air, autumn winds and beautiful colors are turning trees into living canvases where summer gradients are embracing winter displaying thousand patterns… leaves are flying, falling, dancing with the wind and leading the spirit towards a period of stillness and spiritual balance.

The more I travel, the more I see the uniqueness and the unified field in which we move, the “natural blues” we play when going with the flow of our “natural rhythm”… Why to stand and follow systematic patterns when your soul scream to wake you up and set your spirit free?

“Flying modus”, disconnecting from the source, turning off your mobile phone, talking with each other, relaxing, closing your eyes, dreaming while flying somewhere else, letting your hands draw freely on blank pages… How easily can happiness embrace your soul when the acceptance of the only Now moment remind you that everything is just fine as it is…


Back from “home” or back at “home”. Home is a state of mind that breathes from the heart, truly, where the uniqueness of our treasures remains only and exclusively within us, forever. If reality wants you to expand, move reality to see it below.


There is something magic about traveling that is not found in our daily moments. We consume experiences as today is the only moment we got to enjoy what is happening, no matter how things are, not judging events as good or bad experiences but registering the information and filtering sensations as they come, as we feel them… covering yourself with the essence of every experience and finding the bliss of recreating yourself, lighter and lighter as the dust stays far away.

We are mirrors of ourselves, we reflect aspects that need of attention and part of us that shine like the brightest sun ray. So look up, feel it, enjoy it… keep it with you, the Sun and its energy! Be light!


Today I want to share with you this piece of mind, this moment of beautiful peace, a smile of autumn, a dream that is already manifesting. And I want to thank you all for this journey, to everyone I encounter, for being such a beautiful mirror. Thanks for the inspiration that you create in my Universe. Thanks for your company and welcome back to a journey together. Wings ON! 🙂


Irene D.M.