The Art of Listening II: A love letter to a parasite

It´s been some months without you in my life, dear Blastocystis SP.

We met in the beginning of October 2015 during our trip to the amazing Amazon rainforest in Peru together with, what per today is, World Cultures United Org and some other friends. Memories of days in a home paradise together with Luis and his […]


De vuelta en el grisáceo fiordo tras una intensa semana en la Formación de Yoga Aéreo con la maestra, compañera, amiga y cuidadora Rosario Belmonte, a quien dedico este post, junto con las tres fantásticas compañeras de vuelos, risas, llantos, silencios y lindas conversas.

Por mucho que narre, ilustre o muestre memorias visuales de esta experiencia, […]



En el aire, en tránsito, en movimiento.
La espiral se expande, se contrae, como un diafragma de vida continuo, al ritmo de todos los ritmos, lleno y vacío de aire.
Así migran las aves, vuelan las semillas, siembran los granjeros…
Rutinas de días distintos donde uno nunca es el mismo, donde la evolución es crecer y […]

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It is spring…

It is spring, all seasons in one. Suddenly comes the Sun, then rain before a rainbow appears in the sky, snowflakes, shadows, wind, rain, clouds…
Is the season of surprises and the unexpected, time for things that arrive and suddenly are gone. What has blown away is leaving you with the memory of a smell […]

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The art of listening

It´s Saturday. The first day of Spring and the Sun is shining, but it´s still cold and windy outside. The dishwasher is on and, even if it´s a silent model, I can hear how it moves the water with a certain rhythm. I hear the water boiling and getting ready to make a cup of […]

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Looking up and down… Spring is on its way

Looking up: blue sky, clouds, bigger plans on the agenda, new challenges on the horizon, new Sun rising every day, lighter days, starry nights, birds flying, airplanes departing and arriving, seeds floating in the air, spreading their newborns…
Spring is on its way…

Looking down: earth, asphalt, green grass, thin layers of snow and ice, lost […]

A moment for every thing…

There is a certain rhythm in nature that our routines are not understanding…
It is incredible to see how much can someone achieve in a compressed time period and therefore there is a vital need to process information, specially the hidden sources.
Those are moments of peace, or anxiety, or dreaming of future… Moments in which […]

October beings…

October beings…

Back in Trondheim… Life and travels are certainly moving in spirals where time and space are reflecting old and new patterns all around, yet completely different inside…

Fresh air, autumn winds and beautiful colors are turning trees into living canvases where summer gradients are embracing winter displaying thousand patterns… leaves are flying, falling, dancing […]

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Being alert, but quiet

Being alert, but quiet

Encounters take place in all aspects of our human sides, countless are they.
Yet things re-happen and you might be familiar with the pattern, but it is new, a new version, like an update.

What is all this noise?
Where does it go when I reach my inner peace?
Where does my consciousness travel?
What is […]

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Drawing constellations

Drawing constellations

Drawing my own constellation – moving through the same spaces, different paths, common spaces, new roads, known faces, new experiences… it is never the same… I am never the same…

Sometimes it is shining and I know where I am going… sometimes it is dark and I am confused… I experience being excited, tired, […]

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