Being alert, but quiet

Encounters take place in all aspects of our human sides, countless are they.
Yet things re-happen and you might be familiar with the pattern, but it is new, a new version, like an update.

What is all this noise?
Where does it go when I reach my inner peace?
Where does my consciousness travel?
What is this large amount of information doing by knocking at the doors of my perception continuously?

Caffeine might be stimulant but nothing as life itself. Alert, be alert, but quiet.
Find in nature the silence and the purity. Leave behind the masks, all thoughts, all noises…


Do you expect something to happen now? Don´t. Simply don´t, simply stay.
Embrace every particle of your body which is compose by million, thousand, hundreds… of particles.
Your mind will find absurd trying to picture and even count them.

Visualize a drop of water, so clear, so pretty, so perfect… become the drop. You weight nothing, you are invisible, you are beautiful, transparent…
Guide yourself to the Quintessence of becoming your own self experience and find the magic that is contained within all creatures and beings. Your experience is collective and yet is kept to be unique, exclusive, non repeatable.

Can you imagine now that this is constantly happening? You are always creating a new image of your self. Are you aware of your potential?

21th August 2014 – Pictures taking during a trip to the amazing Geiranger fjord in Norway.