There is a certain rhythm in nature that our routines are not understanding…
It is incredible to see how much can someone achieve in a compressed time period and therefore there is a vital need to process information, specially the hidden sources.
Those are moments of peace, or anxiety, or dreaming of future… Moments in which the Universe stops to pull you into an empty space where there is nothing else than you and your sense of being. Are you breathing? Do you see this mirrored reality under your feet?


What an amazing and complex phenomena we are, connected with an endless network of invisible cables…


In moments of clarity when you are forced to stop, slow down your motion, lay down in bed instead of being the well known “super active multitasked” that does not know about when is time to stop doing and start resting… then, the film of the past runs fast and the film of the future is moving your guts.
And you focus on stopping the roller coaster and turn everything off so that peaceful harmony can arise. Is that possible?

This autumn has become, so far, the most challenging and special one I can remember… a period of challenges, achievements, energy high scores and energy downfalls. A period for trying new things, discovering new skills and learning something new everyday.

Combining activities, learning to climb, practicing different disciplines of yoga, intense co-working, project multitasking, meetings and more meetings, live painting, creating new art, social activities… But in between all these things… something magic happened…

I found myself experiencing a dream come true, something that I left behind in that dream box that I kept when I was a little girl attending dance school… My body started manifesting a strong need for expressing itself and thanks to the patience, support and time that Lars from Fancypants has been spending in our rehearsals, we have managed to perform already twice…  and I am looking forward to continuing to explore this fascinating world of body in motion and looking for ways to combine skills in the present to come…


In hectic periods there are many lessons to learn, patterns to register, skills to improve, changes to make… I collected lessons and thoughts, like:
Enjoy while listening to your body. Stop when necessary.  If you love, love true. Live painting is a dance of colors. Dreams are true, you just need to be patient and never give up. Confidence and trust are essentials. Being confident with yourself makes you become confident with others. It takes practice and patience to develop. Practicing the law of detachment make of life a joyful experience.

The result of all this things made by pure love and enthusiasm fill my heart and lift my soul, making me feel happy and fulfilled.

And then, when ego and the soul come together to balance the moment and we talk about all these achievements and experiences there is another important lesson to learn: There is a moment for every thing.
And now, is time to rest for a while, happy, knowing that “Dreams are real”.