Welcome to Namtaru Creations, to my always expanding universe of ideas turned into art.

This is a refreshing new website designed for a new artistic period: The Rebirth 2014.

There is a lot of activity going on during this summer, so there is no “holiday” for the creative mind:

  • Assisting, creating figures and robots with recycled materials, documenting and learning to program on Scracth for Kodeløypa 2014 – A project for 15 years old students, to get them interested into data and programming – Department of Computer Science at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Art workshop, documenting, doing illustrations and visual graphic art for “Flora Danica” – project ARK4 – An interactive heritage library – NTNU Gunnerus University Library, in collaboration with Ringve Botanical Garden and Waldorf School in Trondheim.
  • Working on new paintings for personal commissions and for an upcoming exhibition at Modern Art Gallery in Trondheim next September.
  • Developing art projects for Trondheim Open 2014 and TEDxTrondheim events next autumn, together with Anastasia Malafey, Jan Kristian Hage and Steinar Myraune.

New updates will be posted regularly, so come back soon!