Ideas are not enough

They are merely the beginning...

  • The Rebirth

    In this continuous metamorphosis that I call LIFE, there is a chance to be reborn. Through ART I found my way to come back to my soul and start again, together with both light and shadow.

  • Håkon+Kark Korsvikaspillet

    Official photo documentation for the play \"Håkon and Kark\", one of the most principal in Snorre’s sagas. Based on a new script written by Idar Lind in 1995.

  • Trondheim Open 2011-2012

    This is my participation in Trondheim Open Art Festival, that started in 2011 and focuses on the professional art scene in Trondheim. During three days, institutions, various organizations and artists from the local art scene, offered a variety of exhibitions, screenings,

  • Watching David Lynch

    This is book project that started in 2005 as a merely school project for my graduation as an illustrator/graphic artist. Since day, so much has happened. One day I will publish this project-book, already authorized by Lynch and Asymmetrical Prods.

Some of Namtaru Creations work

  • Matters of the Mind

    Matters of the Mind

    WE are back on the experimental track! This is the newest and most recent collaboration with Anastasia Malafey for TEDxTrondheim.

  • Art in the library

    Art in the library

    Workshop and exhibition project in collaboration with NTNU University Library and Steinerskolen in Trondheim.

  • Adopt a place - Artist in residence 2013 - Part I

    Adopt a place – Artist in residence 2013 – Part I

    Adopting a place I become nomad, I find a home wherever my heart feel at home.

  • An interactive travel journal from 1668

    An interactive travel journal from 1668

    Illustrations for MUBIL project about A travel journal from 1668 by Hans H. Lilienskiold.

  • MUBIL 3D lab experience

    MUBIL 3D lab experience

    MUBIL digital 3D Lab experience, a virtual space for new generations of library users.

  • Words and traces

    Words and traces

    So, like the legend of the Phoenix, there is always an end for a new beginning...

  • Contribution to MUBIL project

    Contribution to MUBIL project

    Timeline of the artwork done for MUBIL project, requested by project leader Aleka Angeletaki. All these pages/artwork will be printed and exhibited during the official presentation of MUBIL on October 3th at Gunnerus Library in Trondheim, Norway.

  • Words and traces II

    Words and traces II

    This is why my artistic approach is changing. The line which I started to draw when I started drawing is not straight, is not even a line but many.

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